Photography Matthew McConnell

Photography Matthew McConnell

Unto Self is a return to <your> self. 

A meditation on feeling into intention.

Action in favor of wisdom.

Realigning with your highest essence in every present passing moment. 

Unto Self provides an energetic workspace where you can gain leverage into the consciousness of choice; it is an exploration of self.  One-on-one sessions, workshops, and retreats, lend opportunities to choose presence and integrate wisdom. 

Alejandro Lázaro began his path as a teacher in 2015 and works with individuals on exploring and clarifying intentions within cycles. How do I make choices ?   What is the intention ?  Who am I ?

Once confusion settles and information integrates, the right action arises in a sovereign choice of presence.
— Alejandro

Connect with Alejandro over a complimentary 15 minute phone call for more information about how he can best serve your journey. This work is an opportunity to realign with the intuition and courage to enjoy your life. 


All private sessions are available via online video conference and in person. 

UntoSelf Meditation
4 session package ($450)   
50 minute session non-package ($120)    

UntoSelf Astrology & Astrocartography  
50 minute session ($140)   
Includes report of forecast and important natal chart aspects.

Unto Self Video Online Courses  
Program details upon request. 

Intimate and immersive adventures around the world to explore your-self.


Special Offer ~ 

Buy your first 50 minute session and receive a complimentary bonus 25 minutes for you or someone of your choice.  




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